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Pima cotton from Peru is renowned for its softness, brilliant luster and strong staple, characteristics that classify it as a luxury fiber. It is the length of a fiber’s staple that determines the softness, smoothness and durability of the yarn and finished garment. Peruvian pima cotton has a longer staple than other cotton, which accounts for its superior quality and gives it its luxury status.


Each precious boll is carefully harvested by hand in order to winnow out the scratchy impurities which affect the smoothness and luster of the yarn. The hand-harvesting method results in brilliant white bolls that absorb dye deeply, permitting a wide range of vibrant color choices.


Grown in the northern coastal valley, where the soil and weather offer optimal growing conditions, this finest of cottons has been cultivated for thousands of years and is prized throughout the world.

Luxurious, yet practical, pima cotton garments wear well, grow softer over time, and are easy to care for.

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