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Always check the care label on each garment.


PIMA COTTON:Generally our pima cotton garments can be either hand washed or dry cleaned.


ALPACA: Many of our alpaca garments can be hand washed, although dry cleaning is recommended



  • Wash in cool water with mild soap.
    Do not use bleach.
  • Press gently to remove excess water.
    Do not wring or twist.
  • Lay flat to dry.
  • Reshape to original dimensions, straightening seams and smoothing out folds.
  • Touch up with a cool iron as needed.


  • All pieces of a coordinating outfit should be dry cleaned at the same time to avoid possible color variation.
  • Point out spots or stains for the cleaner.
  • Ideally a no tumble and low heat drying process should be used.


  • Clean your garments before storing them.
  • Fold neatly and store flat in a cool dry area, ideally in a cedar-lined drawer, chest or closet. Or store in a drawer lined with acid free tissue paper or clean white cloth, along with cedar blocks to protect against moth damage.
  • If moth damage is a particular concern in your location, have your garments moth proofed by a reputable dry cleaner.


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